Sunday, March 9, 2014

This report is for the Punta Arena/Cerralvo Island area. Small amounts of yellowtail are starting to show up but nothing significant yet. The water temperature is still warm at about 75 degrees and bait is limited. Dorado are still in the area and boats are having good luck bringing them in. The wahoo seem to have appeared at the south end of the island. Some boats were able to bring in a few each day. There wasn't much pressure from having a lot of boats trolling in the area so it made it more likely to land a few. The wahoo ranged from 30-50 lb. The weather has been nice, not much wind and warm. We will see what happens with the water temperature and bait, we need the water to cool down a bit, then hopefully the yellowtail will come this way.Crissy and Pete Teichman pictures.