Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hola fisherman's we have few people visiting us this months hope more of you coming in the nexts months.We have very good weather low 70s. and high 80s no more wind afther easter week. we have been catching good size of pargos,yellowtail,wahoo as you can see in the pictures we show what we caought this days some of this fish were cought at Cerralvo,pargos at perico point.Our Cap.Rigo took out Manuel Carrisoza and he's girl frind Aracely from Guadalajara and they had very good fishing day with Mullet snapers and wahoo.

1.- Snapers were cougth with sardinas(bait)for wahoo they used Rapala magnum(mag 18)
2.- Aracely show one of her mullet snaper's Grandkids Fabian & Jsus standing with Mundo showing Yellowtail.
3.- Manuel Carrisoza with girl friend Aracely show their (64 lbs.)wahoo