Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pargo were abundant at Punta Perico

This week transitioned into a great week for fishing out of Muertos Bay in La Paz. Winds died subsiding to flat calm waters and temperatures rose bringing with the change lots of pargo and big yellowtail. Pargo were abundant at Punta Perico, most in the
25-50lb range and if you had lots of sardines you were in the game. At the South end of Cerralvo Island big yellowtail from 30-50lbs made their appearance. Most pangas returned loaded with fish, both yellowtail and pargo each day. Hopefully, this week is a precurser to what the summer will bring.



Monday, March 7, 2011

Tortuga was honored to have hosted Gerry Benedicto

This past weekend, Tortuga was honored to have hosted Gerry Benedicto, the Brand Manager of Seaguar, known for their Fluorocarbon lines and leaders. Mr. Benedicto kindly provide us with some samples of their very best fluorocarbon leader material.

He was taken out to sea 3-days in a row with Captain Rigo. Despite windy conditions and choppy waters, he was able to bring in 5 Yellowtails (between 25-35lbs each), 2 Cabrillas, and 1 Trigger Fish (good for Ceviche!). Almost all the Captains here in La Paz use Seaguar fluorocarbon leaders because of it's amazing knot & tensile strength and it's less visible to the fish underwater. Mr.

Benedicto seemed to have had a blast and we were happy found us.
Gerry , Cap.Rigo and Fred Benedicto show their Yellowtail were cought in our fishing area.

Fred and Gerry
Gerry, Rigo Y fred

Manuel Carrizosa from Los Cabos wanted to catch
Yellowtail and
cought six 40s. lbs