Thursday, October 22, 2009

Paul Doty from Yorba Linda, CA and Bob Bergman from Long Beach, CA fished from October 15-18. We caught tuna up to 30 pounds near the Hotel Las Arenas and Punta Perico, and Dorado up to 18 pounds around the buoys out from Muertos. Dorado were also caught just off the rocks by the big houses. Bait was plentiful, as were Bonita for strip bait for Dorado. We found one school of Dorado on our last day that had an estimated 200 fish and we were the only ones working it for the brief 15 minute bite. The tuna pulled hard and wore out more than one set of drag washers. The weather was very pleasant, never to hot or humid, and the seas were flat and calm.

Picture show Paul and Bob Bergman,Cristina and Gilles albert,with dorados,Martin
Feidmark with Sail fish.