Tuesday, March 27, 2012

After some windy days here in La Paz the weather has calmed and the fishing for yellowtail has been great just South of Muertos Bay. The typical size ranges between 30-40lb with larger fish up to 60lbs mixed in. Fisherman are using mackeral for bait. Pargo are still found at Punta Perico and fisherman are using sardines for bait. Last week Shaun Jensen, his wife Mandy, and friend Casey Cummins caught alot of yellowtail and had alot of filet to take home. Pete and Crissy Teichmann,Chris Ginocchio,Jtreme and Dr.Fonseca fished this week and also caught alot of nice yellowtail and red snapers. Their is still alot of bait around which means as long as their is food their will be fish to catch. The weather and conditions are only getting better so plan your trip and get in on the action.