Monday, September 28, 2009

For the week of Sept. 19-28 fishing was primarily good for tuna and dorado. Schools of tuna were found near Punta Arena and the at the North end of Cerralvo Island. The tuna ranged from 20-30lbs with an occasional larger model. Dorado were mixed in and ranged
from 15-25lbs. The weather was calm and hot and the water temps ranged between 83-88 degrees. All the fish seem to be close to shore or at the island with a trip to the 88 bank producing nothing. Their seem to be a large number of fish in the area but the bite dies in the early afternoon.

4.- Pete Teichman With tuna, 2.- Dale Tanner cought lot of tunas also
1.- Dr.Joshep & Bryang Song, 3.- Don Rockefeller lots of Toros & tunas
at Las Arenas side.Tuna were cought at punta perico.

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